YouTube Pink APK Download Free For Android 2021

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YouTube Pink APK Download Free For Android 2021

YouTube Pink APK Download

YouTube Pink APK 2021 Download – YouTube Without Limits

The internet has provided us with many ways to make our lives better. With the internet available today, we can access many websites and apps that provide us with many features.

There are many social media sites available, mobile games, utility apps, and more! We’re no longer bounded by distance today as we can enjoy so many messaging apps today. But with YouTube Pink, you can enjoy YouTube with so many unique features.

YouTube Pink APK Download Free For Android 2021

With this app on your hands, you no longer have to suffer a lot when using YouTube. With YouTube Pink APK, you’re free to experience the app without the limits holding you back with the free version. You’ll be able to enjoy watching any video without the annoying ads today!

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Here, you can also enjoy a different theme in pink, and you can enable Dark mode. You can also freely play the videos in the background even when you’re using other apps. Moreover, you can enjoy plenty of other features!

YouTube Without Limits

There are so many available and enjoyable apps and websites we can access today with our phones. We’re free to enjoy so many movies, games, apps, websites, and other things with an internet connection today.

The internet also makes it possible to watch videos on YouTube as well as share our thoughts. We can do it all today since YouTube is free to download and use. But even this app has limitations that irritate users! With YouTube Pink, you can get past these limitations today.

YouTube Pink APK Download Free For Android 2021

We all know how YouTube includes many ads into the videos to make money for the creators. Although this isn’t a bad thing, sometimes it can get a little too annoying. If you don’t want to waste your time watching ads, download YouTube Pink now!

This app completely blocks all ads, so you don’t have to wait seconds and minutes to watch videos. Aside from that, you can choose a different theme from the default one and enjoy the Dark mode.

The app also lets you adjust the screen brightness, make videos on-repeat, and more.

Highlights of YouTube Pink


It will suggest videos of your interest only. The videos you have searched so far will become your recommendation list.

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For instance, if you love to watch science fiction movies then your recommendation list will only show you the videos that have ideas and themes of science and fiction only.

Classy theme

The theme of the application is quite catchy. The entire theme will be In color of pink. No matter notification area, search bar area, recommendations, watch later in short every module of the application will be in pink color.

That is why this application is named the Pink YouTube because of the theme and color it has. The color looks so girly and that is why adored by the females. This color is so cool and light that it doesn’t irritate so much.

But keep in mind you will not be bound to watch the videos and use the application in pink theme only. You can switch to another theme also as per your need.

YouTube Pink APK Download Free For Android 2021

Dark Mode

Many social media applications are switching to dark mode for the ease of the users. So same is the case with this application. You can switch to the dark theme of the application from the pink one whenever you want to.

All you have to do is to enable the dark mode of the application from the settings of the application whenever you want to.

Background Mode

You can switch to another application while watching the videos. As in other versions of YouTube whenever you switch to another application, played video stops gradually.

But with YouTube Pink Apk you are not going to face this issue, your played video will be played in the background.

Even you can do chat with your friends through any social media application. Your video will not be stopped. No matter which messaging application you are using your played video will never be stopped or paused.

Screen Brightness

If your screen brightness is bothering you and irritating your eyes you will be no longer set your brightness of the screen from the notification area.

You can simply set up the brightness of your video being played by sliding the screen of the video. Brightness can be adjusted according to your own choice.

Videos On-Repeat

You can play the video on repeat. If you like any video regardless of its genre then play it on repeat it will play your video on repeat no matter in the foreground or background.

No Restriction

As in many YouTube videos, you suffer the restriction of age and the country. But with pink YouTube, you are not going to suffer the restriction of the country and age.

No Ads

This version of YouTube is not going to show any ads over the videos. So watch as many video ads free. Videos of any length will be watched without the irritation of the ads.

YouTube Pink APK Download Free For Android 2021

Double Tap

Instead of closing the videos and application, you can make your YouTube sleep directly by double-tapping on the screen. Tap anywhere on the screen of the YouTube Pink the YouTube will sleep at once.


Personally what I like about YouTube Pink Apk is the playing of the songs of videos even in the background of the applications. This feature was missed in the other version of YouTube and was wanted for ages.

Along with these features, there are many other features of the application that you can enjoy like the control of the brightness through the sliding over the screen, etc. In short, you just give the application a try at least once.

YouTube Pink APK 2021 Free Download – New version

If you want to enjoy YouTube without limits, download YouTube Pink now and enjoy all the premium features.

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